Powered by Diebold, the global leader in the ATM industry, our machines offer ATM access, credit/debit transactions and other revenue generating features. FABICASH® will provide detailed monthly reports on each ATM on the gaming floor and your settlement daily.

Our easy to use ATM portal will allow access to real time ATM transactions. FABICASH® is a national distributor for Diebold and Nautilus Hyosung and can transact on most ticket redemption kiosks.






Partnering with Glory kiosk manufacturerSK-500-Glory-Kiosks, FABI engineers have built a software application that takes the traditional TITO and bill break kiosk, and turns it into an ATM.

Ask us about our latest technological features added to the kiosk, which are guaranteed to improve customer experience and convenience, while putting more money back on the gaming floor. These added features include credit/debit card cash advance and e-check.

First American Bankcard, Inc. is a Registered Agent of Citizens Bank, N.A., Providence RI