When your casino sends FABICash® a Request for Proposal, we carefully consider the cash access services and equipment you want in your casino. We listen for any other pertinent information describing your needs.

FABICash listens and delivers, and guarantees that we will exceed your expectations.

FABICash sends our Proposal back to your casino, guaranteeing:

  1. FABICash® guarantees industry leading technology in your casino.
  2. FABICash® guarantees competitive rates.
  3. FABICash® guarantees your satisfaction with our customer service plan.
  4. FABICash® guarantees that you will be interested in hearing other incentives, including our creative financing option.
  5. FABICash® guarantees that when you call our extensive reference list, you will get the validation you need, and learn why FABICash® is right for your casino.
Proposal guarantee