FABICash is a national cash access, Title 31 AML Compliance and online sports betting software company who services over 150 casinos throughout the United States and Canada.  First American Bankcard, Inc., founded and wholly owned by Anthony F. Rabito, Jr., has been in the gaming industry since 1996. We have always provided the most reliable ATM, Cash Advance, Check Cashing, and now Title 31 AML Compliance and online sports betting services in the gaming industry. FABICash is the award-winning leader in developing new technology based on the needs of our casino customers.

Our platform has been proven to meet the following objectives:

  • Eliminate system downtime
  • Put more money on the gaming floor
  • Make Cage operations more efficient
  • Eliminate fraud and chargebacks
  • Quickly get cash to the customer and back on the gaming floor
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Keep casino federally compliant
  • Provide scalable technology to constantly develop new innovative services


The FABICash culture is one of partnership and service. We know it takes a dedicated team to keep your casino running at peak performance and we see ourselves as part of that team.



First American Bankcard, Inc. is a Registered Agent of Citizens Bank, N.A., Providence RI